Monday, May 23, 2011

The Best Things (Part 1)

The things they'll do for people to know their name
The devilish ways we get manipulated for fame
The extent people go to lose themselves in the game
I'm not saying I wouldn't be the same,
But you gotta know to step back when you get too close to the flame
I really wish y'all would change,
some of the ways you choose to maintain
To save yourself or what remains
Takes more than physical strength,
It's about spiritual regain...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Calmness is key,Calamity thrives on the weak

Common Sense Isn't So Common

I've always loved Common every since I was probably 7. The blog I wrote titled "Com-tro-vers[e]-y" was a little something about the "controversy" that sparked a couple weeks ago when Rapper/Poet Common was asked to perform at the White House for Poetry Night. His poetry and raps always leave me breath-taken. He's a genius. Creative, inspirational, positive, progressive and optimistic at a level that most can't even begin to comprehend. He is a beautiful, amazing artist and here is a piece he shared that night in fact:


There must be a certain type of balance in the world. I’m talking about a balance in the sense of the good and bad in people. Now, I know I haven’t met every single human being walking this earth, and I probably never will, but it’s an idea that comes from a general sense of the different kinds of people we’ve met and known.

We’ve witnessed complete opposites before: The child murderer and the heaven-sent granddaughter you’ve always wanted. The extremely poor and the filthy rich. And then there are the opposite kinds of people we frequently find: The humble, giving humanitarian woman who is timid, soft-spoken versus the arrogant, rude, stubborn douche bag who doesn’t give 2 shits if you are a second away from dying right in front of his eyes. In relationships, we know the person who only gives, loves, gives, and gives more but doesn’t know when or how to give-up on the person undeserving of them. There is also the person who only knows how to take; completely heartless, selfish & will clearly never feel what it is to truly care about someone else.
These extreme cases of personalities makes me believe that there lies a fair balance in the world between different kinds of people. So could there be, for every asshole in the world a lovable caring and giving person in return? Not exactly; but there could be a fair balance of negative and positive energy in people that lies in the world. Since none of us will ever be able to confirm that, it is something we can only ponder about, but, it is a possibility.

I mean, no one will be able to evaluate, count and determine ever person’s morality and personality, but that blank answer gives us a place to believe that maybe, there is a level of fairness in the world—that we just can’t see. Or maybe it’s just a nice thought to think of the world that way?

Who knows.

Adele the Beautiful

I really do love this song. A lot.


I came face to face with my sins
Fought hard the urges I held within
I reflect on the way we live
And realize we can't die to win
I learned its apart of us
Sometimes we can't even trust us
But I still maintain, 'cause I know everyday is a blessing from above
Everyday is a chance for spiritual regain
You know God is alive, and you're doing right when everything starts to fall into place
And all your fears an worries start to fade....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Step One Cut-throat

I tried to tell 'em it's not always what you think
What doesn't kill you only leaves you on the brink
Of going half-crazy, you feel your heart shrink

After you've heard the truth behind the lies
You realize what their really saying in between lines
You've felt the cold too many times
And you've given up even when the other claims they're still tryin'

It's the cycle we're on as we live
You feel life often takes out of you more than you can give

I know where it hurts, I've felt the reprecussions
Let the pain go, show 'em where your heart is living

Sometimes we look so far out, before we can even look within.
What makes us feel so insecure about looking within....

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The fire in my heart burns too strong
The fire in my heart won't allow me to move on
The fire in my heart is the catalyst for this song...

All they wanna do is simplify what they hear,
Refuse to see the bigger picture, the peace we try to adhere
It's funny how one line misunderstood,
can call your whole career something against for all that it stood.